Week 5 Reflection #seaccr

How did you impact the research of others?
I would have to say that others’ research impacted me more.  Reading the blogs of others helped me to see that I am on the right track with my own research.  I was also able to identify areas of analyzing data that I could do better at, i.e. observations.  I understand that my informal classroom observations are more important than any test score.  The classroom environment is where the learning takes place and this is where the learning success is going to be more evident.  I plan to take more care with my classroom observations over the next couple of weeks.
How did others impact your research?
I had one reply this week, but it was very informational.  Jamie was curious how I would be able to observe my students if I want them to communicate with each other in their most comfortable language, which happens to be their native language for most.  This is where my native-speaking aides come into play with my research.  I have realized now how important they are to my research.  Without them, I would not be able to ensure that my students are on task, or that they are using the academic vocabulary properly.  Jamie also asked if I noticed whether my students were using the dual language math word wall that I have created.  Although I do not speak or understand the native language, there are some words from the word wall that I have recognized in the conversations of my students.
What do I plan to do differently?
I plan to sit down with my aides and discuss with them the importance of their observations.  I realize that it has been a while since they have been in a classroom as a student.  I want them to feel just as comfortable as the students when using the academic language.
I also plan to listen more intently and take better notes when making my own observations.  I realize now that this could be one of my most important pieces of data and I want ensure that I have as much data as possible.
Overall, I am really pleased with the progress of my research.  Although I feel like I could definitely learn more over a longer time period, I am certain that I will have some information to report after the next couple of weeks.

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