Week 6 Reflection #seaccr

How did you impact the research of others?

Again, reading others’ blogs really helped me to analyze my data better.  I also realized that I was not posting as detailed as information as probably was expected.  When reading others’ posts, I tried to be open-minded and give good feedback.  I gave my opinions of the data that was analyzed and also gave suggestions for a few “bumps” in the road.  From the responses that I received, I think my opinions and suggestions were well received.

How did others impact your research?

Many people responded to my weekly dilemma.  It seems that I have some students that are reluctant to participate with their partners in the activities that I have produced.  I realized as I was reading some of the suggestions that I did not give enough detailed information about the activities that I conducted.  All of the suggestions that I received were great; however, they did not all relate to the situation at hand.  Part of my research is that students DO work with their partners on certain activities.  I picked activities for cooperative learning pairs.  The students work together to complete the problems in the activities, giving feedback to the work being produced by their partners.  Therefore, when students refuse to work together, it does not work well for my research.

What do I plan to do differently?

I really need to work on more observations this week.  I also want to create more activities where my partners can work together.  I really think this is important to my research. I also want to give my students more opportunities to practice the concepts independently.  I liked one suggestion where my students are given the opportunity to work alone, but if they have questions they must ask their partner for help before calling me over.

I am excited about my final week of data collection.  I believe that the strategies that I have incorporated have helped some of my students and I am excited to see if I am correct.


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