Week 7 Reflection #seaccr

Although I am excited about entering the last stage of analyzing my data, I am wondering if another week of collection would have been more helpful.  In fact, I know it would have been.  And after reading through many blogs over the weekend, I get the sense that everyone else feels the same.  Still, I am confident that I can make a conclusion based off of the data that I do have.  I began analyzing my quantitative data first – mostly because I knew it would be easiest.  I created some graphs so that the data would be visually pleasant.  I am still working on the qualitative data.  I started working on putting it all together, but am trying to figure out the best way to do that.  I tweeted my question and hope that I get a few responses by Monday so that I can finish up my analyzing.

How have others contributed to my research?

I love collaborating with my peers.  I am lucky to have such smart, intuitive people giving me advice on my research.  This weekend was a little slow and I am certain that it is because everyone is so busy analyzing their own data.  After posting my graphs to my first weekly blog, I was quickly informed that my graphs were not labeled.  I tried my Google Docs links and realized that my documents did not save correctly.  I am so glad that someone informed me soon enough so that people were not looking at blank graphs – how embarrassing.

Jamie shared a link with me to some research done by James Cummins.  His research is similar to mine and I plan to look it over soon to get ideas about how to share my data with others – and maybe even other sources of data that I overlooked.

My site administrator at work loaned me a book titled Mathematics Coaching (Williams et al., 2014).  There is a chapter, which focuses on supporting English Language Learners (ELL).  It has many great resources and activities to use for my classroom.  I am hoping to integrate them into my lessons over the next couple of weeks, as I still plan on continuing my research.

Many of the other blog responses that I received were just words of excitement and encouragement, which is always greatly appreciated.  It’s nice to feel validated that I am on the right course.

How have I contributed to others?

Most of the recommendations that I have made have also been words of encouragement.  Along with the excitement, there is a lot of frustration brewing as we get closer to the end of our research.  It is wonderful to see so many different ways of presenting the data that we have collected.  I really enjoyed Jamie’s mapping of her interviews.  I wish I could see it up close.  I asked her about her observations that she had planned and was saddened to hear that she was not able to conduct them.  I hope she continues to work on getting this information if it is really important to her research.  She seems to be motivated to continue her research even after this class is over.

I also enjoyed Lexie’s graphs.  We have been collaborating a lot over the last few weeks, talking through our frustrations and concerns through emails.  She was the one who shared her observation chart with me, so I was curious to see how she was representing that data.

I have attended the twitter sessions on Thursdays.  I try to keep up with all that is being said and from time to time I give my opinions.  It has been hard for me to be the critical confidant that I know I should be.  I am trying to figure out how to tie my own data together, that I do not feel like I can be as helpful with my peers and their data.

What are my plans for the upcoming week?

I am going to continue to analyze my qualitative data.  I plan to have this done by Monday and post my results a.s.a.p.  I am trying to find a way to correlate my quantitative and qualitative data.  I am also trying to think of the best way to summarize my qualitative data.  I plan to finish analyzing and summarizing my data.  I am definitely going to make the Tuesday webinar and Thursday Twitter session.  I know that there is a lot for me to do to have my research paper prepared by the end of the week.


One thought on “Week 7 Reflection #seaccr

  1. aksharos

    I agree I have been mainly leaving words of encouragement. I feel like I have learned the most from the twitter sessions and via email with the professors to help me stay focused. I have learned tremendously or at least gain confidence in my ability to complete this project with reviewing other’s action research papers. Carollea has an action research paper that I enjoyed reading. It was easy to follow and had great visuals. It was a bit long (33 pages) and I am wondering if that is about how long are papers should be? Anyhow, I hope you and I both get this paper accomplished shortly. Good Luck!


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