Week 1 Reflection #etlead

My understanding of serious gaming has definitely morphed over the weekend.  Many of my fellow educators have shared some great resources with me that helped me to better understand the difference between serious games and educational games – and there is a difference.  Although a serious game can be an educational, and some educational games can be serious – they are not necessarily one in the same.  Thanks Sara 🙂

I also looked throughout the wiki in search of games that others’ found.  I feel like many of the websites/apps that I looked at were more educational than serious.  Just by reading through many of the descriptions of serious games that others found, I was enlightened by the concept of a serious game.  I did try out some of the games listed on the wiki, but I really want to spend a day – or two or three – to delve into them.  I have learned, from comments of many, that the best way to understand what a serious game looks like is to play one.  So, I plan to spend more time playing – and learning 🙂

I feel like I learned more than I taught this week because I was so new to this concept.  I found some great websites/apps that dealt with math, which is my area of expertise.  Others seemed excited by these finds.  I am more excited about the future of this course and how its going to transform my idea of the gaming world and its’ benefit for my students.  I hope that my team and I will be able to create a well-rounded game that is both an educational and social experience.  As always with the technology classes I have taken with Lee, I am looking forward to my own learning experience – and I have not been disappointed as of yet 🙂


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