Week 4 Reflection #etlead

Another eventful week, full of great reading, wonderful collaboraton, and eye-popping learning experiences.  i really wish I could contribute more to others’ learning.  I read blogs, I comment, sometimes I even have some pretty good conversations through email.  However, I really feel that everyone is doing more for me than I can do for them.  There are so many really great, experienced teachers in this program, and I am happy to have built some strong relationships with some of them.

I finally made it to a twitter session.  It was so refreshing to share ideas and thoughts with everyone.  I believe this is where I did most of my collaboration with my peers.  Through answering the questions posed by the hosts and conversing with others, it is surprising how much you learn in such a short period of time.  However, it is very easy to forget who you heard it from LOL.

I shared a couple of links to websites with Colin emphasized the points he made one problem-based learning and innovation.  I related with Gary through his blog.  I also like to build deeper relationships with my students outside of the classroom so that I can use their interests to relate to them inside the classroom.  I shared some ideas with him that he may find useful in the future.

Outside of this weeks discussion on innovation and engagement, I also learned more about creating rubrics through our wiki project.  I was never really good at this, but I have learned some great tips from the groups discussion comments on the wiki page.  I really like the idea of using more casual headings for student rubrics.  As an educator, you often get caught up in making things look professional, but we need to remember that our students are very laid back.  Therefore, it may be useful if our evaluation tools are built with that in mind.


2 thoughts on “Week 4 Reflection #etlead

  1. colin

    I mentioned this in my posting today, but I’ll put it here as well: having people comment on my work is great just for the fact that it “reloads” the class work in my brain and I think about it again with the commenter’s thoughts. So thanks!

    Thanks also for your work helping organize us on the student rubric. I stalled out after my initial work and you brought me back on task.


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