Week 5 Reflection #etlead

I really enjoyed reading Dave’s book Teach Like a PIRATE.  His ideas for innovation and creativity are inspirational for a blooming teacher as myself.  As I was reading through his list of hooks, I constantly thought about the many lessons I have taught over the years that could have used just a little something extra to make it “off the hook.”  Within the last couple of years, mostly since beginning my masters program, I have really thought about how to present my content in a way that the “new age” student will understand.  My site administrator tends to stress the use of technology in our classrooms, and my district curriculum specialist suggests we incorporate more hands-on activities/models.  I have come to realize that all the ideas I have collected, researched and created are important to the success of my students.

In response to my weekly blog, someone shared the article Innovators Don’t Learn Tests. The author talks about the importance of encourage “outside the box” thinking rather than teaching college and career readiness skills.  Honestly, I feel that thinking outside the box is a very important college and career readiness skill.  The future of our nation is leading to careers where you must have critical thinking skills, logic and reasoning.

In this weeks Twitter session, I shared some of my strategies on engaging my students.  I talked with fellow secondary math teachers, Scott and Shauna, about how I try to incorporate more community based problems in my classroom.  I tend to re-write many of the books problems using information that my students can relate to, which unfortunately isn’t much.  I shared my fear of always falling to the same area of interest, basketball, and I how I feel like many of my lessons seem to feel repetitive.  I was reminded of Dave’s suggestion to learn of every students interest.  I know that not all of my students love basketball and I plan to seek other interests that will engage those students that keep falling through the cracks.

I also shared a couple of great articles through my blogs.  Keri, in particular, responded to my blog with much interest in the article 30 Ways to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom.  I think this particular article can help many people who think they are not as creative and tend to hit a wall when it comes to being innovative.  Dave insists that it is not because you are not creative but simply because you don’t allow yourself to think creatively.


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