Week 6 Reflection #etlead

What a great week down memory lane?  It is amazing how much has changed.  I especially enjoyed reading post from those few that are slightly older than myself.  I didn’t even know what some of them were talking about…dot machines??  I thought I had it bad with my story about graphing calculators.  At least they are still used in present times. Ha!

Through my blog I talked mostly about collaboration and technology.  I shared an article on ways to become a better teacher, which dealt mainly with the 21st century classroom.  It seemed to benefit a couple of fellow educators, such as Shauna and Bonnie. Bonnie also shared a lesson with me using group collaboration among students.  The lesson plan was through Edutopia, which is a great site that I was introduced to during a summer course in this program.  It has many great lesson plans, including the one that Bonnie shared.

Through blog replies we all mostly mentioned technology as the biggest change.  I shared some articles on using cell phones in the classroom with Bonnie.  Last Spring, my sister (who is also a teacher) and I took a class on using cell phones through instruction.  We read many articles and a couple of research papers on the subject.  They were really interesting reads and brought up some great arguments for the use of cell phones.  Unfortunately, my school district forbids the use of cell phones in the classroom.  On the other hand, if the opportunity really benefited my students, I know my site administrator would wave the policy.

It was nice to read all of the posts and to learn so much about everyone’s current teaching situations.  It is amazing how much you learn about people when the gates to the past are swung open.


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