Week 7 Reflection

My luck with technology this week has not been good. Not only has my Internet connection at home been horrible, but this is the second time I have had to repost my blog. So frustrating. It is hard to embrace the change when my surrounding environment wants to stay in the past.

I was not able to contribute much to others learning this week. In fact, my initial blog focused mostly on readings that have already taken place in the class. However, I enjoyed reading others blogs. I quickly ascertained that many of my fellow educators are also explorers in the gaming world. Which, as one of them stated, is probably why we are taking this class.

Although I did not contribute much, I did enjoy reading others blogs and some of their contributions. Gary posted a great article title Kids Who Play Video Games Do Better As Adults. I also enjoyed the Edutopia blog titled Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology, which was posted by Sara Hartman. However, I was most upset by not being able to watch Colin’s ASTE video. I could not get it to work at home, so I am hoping to squeeze it into some of my planning time this week at school. I hope that mother nature works with the Gods of the twenty-first century to allow me to better participate this upcoming week ☺


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