Week 8 Reflection

I always get amazed by how many different thoughts and ideas come from people who are reading the same information.  As I read through the blogs posted by others, I realize how simple and easy it is to implement all of the ideas I have learned from this class.  As Scott stated in his blog, we are all part of a collective.  I watch my daughter learn how to eat, dress, and potty train from her older brother.  As children, we learn by watching others – or by doing.  I am not technologically savvy; however, my four year old son can manage his ipad quite smoothly.  Scott’s post also made me look at the Yup’ik community where I teach now and how the people of this community teach their young.  It amazes me how much these young people know about surviving in the only world that they know.

Both Scott and Sara L. shared a very interesting Khan video about how humans learn in the collective.  it does a great job of comparing our learning styles to those of chimps.

I also had some great conversations through my own blog with Gary and Megan.  I am contemplating starting a Twitter with the students in my school. Many of them do not have someone to talk with at home.  I think it would be a nice place for them to talk about their day at school and what they learned.  It could also be a place to start some great conversations about their learning.  Both Gary and Megan supported the idea and Megan even suggested a Kids Blog site.  I am definitely going to check it out.  I also plan to talk to my fellow high school teachers to get their thoughts and ideas.


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