Week 9 Reflection

This week’s reading brought about great conversations of the challenges that we all face as educators in the 21st century. When we start talking about the difficulties of teaching our students the way we know they should be taught vs. the way we have to teach in order to meet all the standards and evaluation measures, then it is hard to shut us up. Many of the blogs that I read this weekend touched the same concern about being able to get from the what to the where and how. Teaching in rural Alaska seems to add difficulties. But we all have our little tricks.

In my blog, I shared my own thoughts about contextualizing the content to help connect my students to their learning – and my difficulties. Sara L. sent me some great resources to help me deal with the difficulties of teaching in rural Alaska. It just so happens that one of the resources points to someone on staff at my district office. Leslie shared a blog with me about some great teaching strategies from the past that still work in the now. I am grateful for their help with my challenges.

I also found some great resources from others’ blogs:
Bonnie did a great job of comparing the reading from the book to bloom’s taxonomy. She included a great visual. I also enjoyed the lesson plan by Anne Dawn that Bonnie shared.

Gary shared his ideas about rote memorization and teaching to the test. In my reply, I agreed to the importance of some rote memorization but also stressed the many times things that I have since forgotten because I rarely use them any more. Rote memorization only works if you apply it frequently.

Scott shared some great lesson resources in his blog, which I bookmarked for a deeper review. In response to his blog on not having enough time delve into his lessons, I shared my experience with a district that creates a very strict schedule for teaching the content. I actually see the pros and cons to creating such a schedule, but like Scott think it is more important to participate in content rich activities that allow students the opportunity to connect to the where and how.

I plan to take the next week to dig deeper into game mechanics and collaborate more with my team. I am really excited about the steps to come in developing a concept for a well-rounded serious game.


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