Communication is Key #edet694

We are off and running.  Well, my students seem to be trotting really.  I started with 2 students and now I am up to 6!!!  I have five girls who seem to be taking their time getting acclimated with the class.  Whereas, my newest student, a boy, is ready to get started.  He texted me 5 times yesterday wondering if he was enrolled in the course yet and how to get started.

On the Sunday before classes started, I sent out a welcome email that contained a welcome letter and an introduction-to-the-course video, which contained basically the same information.  I had planned to use my e-mail for most communication.  Then, Lee mentioned a Q & A Forum.  I thought this was a great idea. We did not have a Forum set up, but we do have a Discussion Board.  Within the discussion board, there is a forum titled “Questions.”   In the intro video, I showed the students how to get to the discussion board and where to post questions.  In the letter, I listed the ways of communication in the order with which I want them to be used. 

I talked it over with Helen, whom is one of the wonderful people who designed the course that I am teaching and has been a huge help in helping me prepare it for students this summer, and she suggested that I also think about using the UAS e-mail through blackboard.  This made complete sense to me.  All forms of communication would be saved – somewheres – on blackboard.

The problem is getting the students to start using those forms of communication now that class has started.   A few parents were given my work e-mail to ask me questions about the course, and now that seems to be their most favorite mode of communication.  Luckily, only our new male student has gotten into the habit of texting me.  Now that he is in the class, I am going to send out an email to students, and parents, from blackboard asking them to take note of the new email for all future communication purposes.  I would have to say I am a little at fault here, too.  It is just so easy for me to send an email from my phone or ipad using my work email.  Does anyone know if you can set up blackboard emails through smartphones or ipads?

Otherwise, things seem to be moving smoothly.  My next big task is to complete the rubric for the discussion board posts.  There are 8 discussion board posts for this course that have the students posting about their thought processes in solving a math story problem.  I want to put together a rubric so that they can see how they will be graded.  Especially since they all did the very minimal in their introduction post.  I have never been good at creating rubrics, and I am lost as to how to get the rubric to add up to 20 points when there are not that many parts to it.  Maybe I can post it a little later on and y’all can tell me what you think.

Maybe I will look up articles about creating rubrics!



One thought on “Communication is Key #edet694

  1. Nicole Fuerst

    in our conversation recently I like how you noted that individual coaching sessions worked well for your students. I’ve found that to be the same for my students as well. The personal face to face time really seems to help build relationships because the nuances of teacher-student communication still matter. Virtual students want positive reinforcement, they want communication that helps them build confidence, and they want to know that if they make a mistake they’re not considered stupid by anyone. I’ve found those coaching sessions help build relationships and confidence!


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